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Укажите время, удобное для занятий:
 Утреннее время Выходные дни Дневное время Не имеет значения Вечернее время

Укажите точное время   
По каким дням Вам удобнее заниматься:
 Понедельник - среда - пятница Вторник – четверг - суббота Cуббота - воскресенье
Как вы сами оцениваете свой уровень владения английским языком?
 Elementary Intermediate Pre-Intermediate Advanced  
Обучались ли Вы ранее на курсах и где:

Тесты для разных уровней по 20 вопросов
Beginner или Elementary?
Выберите правильный вариант:

1.    What’s ______ job? She is a hotel manager.
 my your his her
2.    Anita usually likes coffee, but now she ______ tea.
 drank drink is drinking drinks
3.    Is ______ your pen over there?
 that this these those
4.    ______? — I'm a pilot.
 What are you doing? How are you? How do you do? What do you do?
5.    There are ______ magazines on the shelf.
 any some a the
6.    No news ______ good news.
 is are  am
7.    The man is old and he can't ______ well.
 heard to hear hear listen
8.    Who can tell me where ______?
 is my key my key is
9.    He could open the lock ______.
 easy most easy easily easiest
10.    The shoes are ______ fashionable!
 such so the this
11.    The information is top secret, so naturally, everybody is interested in ______.
 them her their it
12.    There isn’t ______ water in he bottle.
 many few much a few
13.    Their house is ______ than ours.
 much more smaller the smallest much smallest much smaller
14.    Who ______ after their small kids? — Their grandparents do.
 do looks   looks   do look   look
15.    Just look at ______ in the mirror. You are so dirty.
 your   oneself   yours   yourself
16.    I am very proud of my sister. She ______ the guitar and the piano.
 cans play   can plays   can play   can to play
17.    Do you listen to opera? – No, I ______ listen to opera. I hate it.
 always   never   often   usually
18.    They looked ______ each other in surprise.
 with   for   at   after
19.    We are flying to Sochi on ______.
 seven July   the seventh of July   seventh of July   the seven of July
20.    I can’t play football. I ______ my arm yesterday.
 breaked   broked   broke   broken

Pre-Intermediate или Intermediate?
Выберите правильный вариант:

1.    Have you written down ______ names?
 everybody   everybody’s   everybodys’   everybodies’
2.    They decided to go on a hike ______ the rain.
 despite of   despite in   in spite   in spite of
3.    If you don't know the meaning of this word, _____ in the dictionary.
 chase it up   search it out   look it up   find it out
4.    Did you fix these shelves ______?
 all on yourself   all at yourself   all with yourself   all by yourself
5.    My grandma makes me ______ carrots, but I prefer ice-cream.
 eat   eating   to eat   to eating
6.    You were rude ______ him for no reason.
 at   to   with   on
7.    When I was a student I ______ to discos every Friday night.
 used to go   was used to go   use to went   used to going
8.    We ______ the project by the end of the month.
 shall finish   are finishing   will have finished   will be finishing
9.    I am here to say that we ______ next week. Everything is ready.
 will leave   are leaving   will be leaving   will have left
10.    This time tomorrow our family ______ on the beach of the Mediterranean sea.
 will lie   is lying   will be lying   will have lain
11.    I have found only one book. Where is ______?
 the others   another   other   the other
12.    She didn't know that he ______ her.
 betrayed   would betray   will betray   is going to betray
13.    ______ three years had passed before we met again.
 Other   The other   Another
14.    The happy man went to see his mother-in-law ______.
 down   on   off   away
15.    I ______ him since we ______school.
 haven't seen / left   didn't see / left   didn't see / have left   haven't seen / have left
16.    If the child ______ no better, we shall have to take him to hospital.
 does   is   has   was
17.    The boy almost never walks his dog in the morning, ______?
 is he   doesn’t he   does he   isn't he
18.    I play football with friends every weekend. — ______.
 So I play   So I do   So am I   So do I
19.    I ______ home when somebody ______ my name.
 went / was calling   was going / called   went / called
20.    ______ tourists are staying here.
 only few   only little   only a few   only a little

Upper-Intermediate или Advanced?
Выберите правильный вариант:

1.    Hardly _____ asleep _____ an alarm clock _____.
 have I gone, than, will ring   had I gone, when, rang   I had gone, then, had rung   was I going, as, was ringing
2.    I am going to have my kitchen _____. It is necessary that every crack _____ covered.
 to repair, will be   to be repaired, is   repaired, should be   being repaired, be
3.    The miles appeared _____ so long that the tourists sometimes thought they _____ the road.
 being, had to miss   to have been, must miss   to be, must have missed   having been, were to miss
4.    I managed to come here at half past six. But I _____ because they _____.
 needn’t have hurried, had already left   needn’t hurry, have already left   wouldn’t have hurried, had already left   shouldn’t hurry, have already left
5.    If you _____ the prescribed medicine, you _____ _____ now.
 took, would feel, much more well   had taken, would feel, much better   would take, would feel yourself, much better
6.    I don't feel like _____ this article today.
 to read and translate   for reading and translating   read and translate   reading and translating
7.    _____ rich pay higher taxes?
 does   do   does the   do the
8.    Would you mind _____, please?
 to open the window   open the window   opening the window   to the window opening
9.    We are all looking forward _____ your friends.
 to seeing   to see   for seeing   of seeing
10.    You _____ your seats beforehand if you want to go to Paris on Christmas.
 had better to book   had better book   had to better book   had to book better
11.    You _____ me a postcard, but you didn't.
 could send   could be sent   could have sent   could had sent
12.    I suggest _____ as soon as possible. I _____ before sunset.
 us to start, would rather to finish   our starting, had rather finish   us starting, would prefer to finish   our starting, would rather finish
13.    There is no point _____ to him. He is _____ last man in the world _____ by such things.
 to speak, the, to trouble   to speak, — , being troubled   speaking, a, be troubled   in speaking, the, to be troubled
14.    Did you remember _____ the parcel I gave you? – Yes, I remember _____ it a week ago.
 to post, posting   to post, to post   posting, to post   posting, posting
15.    While our coffee _____, I _____ him my sad story which impressed him _____.
 was making, told, greatly   was being made, said, great   had been made, told, great   was being made, told, greatly
16.    We were _____ go out when the telephone rang.
 on the point of   just   about to   nearly
17.    The past flood is reported not _____ _____ damage to the crops.
 caused, many   to have caused, much   to cause, much   having caused, many
18.    But for the rain we _____ for a walk long ago.
 went   have gone   would have gone   would be going
19.    How I wish we _____ then!
 didn’t meet   hadn’t met   wouldn’t meet   wouldn’t have met
20.    Try to behave as if nothing _____.
 had happened   happened   was happened   has happened