Вы только начали изучать английский и хотите оценить свои первые успехи? Быть может, вы изучали язык давно и желаете проверить, что осталось в памяти? Возможно, вы планируете пойти на курсы, но не знаете с какого уровня стоит начать? Проверьте свои знания, выполнив онлайн-тест.

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1) What’s ______ job? She is a hotel manager.

2) Anita usually likes coffee, but now she ______ tea.

3) Is ______ your pen over there?

4) ______? — I'm a pilot.

5) There are ______ magazines on the shelf.

6) No news ______ good news.

7) The man is old and he can't ______ well.

8) Who can tell me where ______?

9) He could open the lock ______.

10) The shoes are ______ fashionable!

11) The information is top secret, so naturally, everybody is interested in ______.

12) There isn’t ______ water in he bottle.

13) Their house is ______ than ours.

14) Who ______ after their small kids? — Their grandparents do.

15) Just look at ______ in the mirror. You are so dirty.

16) I am very proud of my sister. She ______ the guitar and the piano.

17) Do you listen to opera? – No, I ______ listen to opera. I hate it.

18) They looked ______ each other in surprise.

19) We are flying to Sochi on ______.

20) I can’t play football. I ______ my arm yesterday.