Вы уже не новичок в изучении английского языка: было выучено много слов и грамматических конструкций, получены хорошие базовые навыки чтения и письма, вы пытаетесь выражать свои мысли по-английски и это начинает получаться… Что же, самое время проверить, быть может, вы уже достигли следующей ступени.

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1) Have you written down ______ names?

2) They decided to go on a hike ______ the rain.

3) If you don't know the meaning of this word, _____ in the dictionary.

4) Did you fix these shelves ______?

5) My grandma makes me ______ carrots, but I prefer ice-cream.

6) You were rude ______ him for no reason.

7) When I was a student I ______ to discos every Friday night.

8) We ______ the project by the end of the month.

9) I am here to say that we ______ next week. Everything is ready.

10) This time tomorrow our family ______ on the beach of the Mediterranean sea.

11) I have found only one book. Where is ______?

12) She didn't know that he ______ her.

13) ______ three years had passed before we met again.

14) to see his mother-in-law ______.

15) I ______ him since we ______school.

16) If the child ______ no better, we shall have to take him to hospital.

17) The boy almost never walks his dog in the morning, ______?

18) I play football with friends every weekend. — ______.

19) I ______ home when somebody ______ my name.

20) ______ tourists are staying here.