Advanced Entry Test

Дата: - September 27th 2022



Phone Number

Fields name, email, phone (*) must be filled to complete test


Tick icons8-checked-checkbox-30 A, B, or C to complete the sentences.

The thief admitted ________ the money.

This time tomorrow, I ________ lying on a tropical beach.

It’s very dusty here right now because the office next door ________ redecorated.

I didn’t ________ like spicy food, but now I eat it every day.

I speak Spanish, but my parents ________.

You went to Iceland last year, ________ you?

I can’t ________ used to my new schedule. It’s so confusing

You don’t look well. You’d ________ go to the doctor’s.

You shouldn’t ________ that email when you were angry. It really hurt his feelings.

He has a ________ car, which he drives much too fast.

We bought ________ for our flat.

The boat sailed across ________ Pacific Ocean.

I read English newspapers ________ forget my English.

Do you know what time ________?

Take my phone with you in case you ________ to call.

The kids promised not ________ about the surprise party.

I arrived at school half an hour late and class ________.

I’ll tell you as soon as I ________ to my father.

We ________ the bedroom painted at the moment.

You can’t ________ left your phone at the hotel. We used it to call a taxi.

The woman with ________ I worked in Barcelona now lives in London.

It was ________ a rainy day we decided to go to the cinema.

________ the plane departed late, we arrived in Hawaii on time.

________ are famous for being friendly.

________ of us went to Paris. We all stayed at home.