Pre- Intermediate Entry Test

Дата: - September 27th 2022



Phone Number

Fields name, email, phone (*) must be filled to complete test


Tick icons8-checked-checkbox-30 A, B, or C to complete the sentences.

What _____ next weekend?

Have you ever _____ Mexican food?

This is _____ old film. Have you seen it?

My mum doesn’t like _____ tennis.

They _____ to the radio at the moment.

I _____ to the USA.

We _____ to the cinema last night.

I’m five years older _____ my sister.

She _____ to work yesterday because she was ill.

I _____ at the moment because I’m on holiday.

I always _____ a shower before breakfast.

They _____ burgers. They had fish and chips.

Who _____ your favourite singers?

How often _____ to the theatre?

They _____ early at weekends.

This is _____ book I’ve ever read.

I often go swimming _____ the weekend.

How _____ bread do you eat?

What do you want _____ this weekend?

_____ there any apples? I’m hungry!

She hardly _____ speaks in class.

Paul left school _____ 2010.

That man drives _____. Don’t get in his car!

_____ your brother speak Spanish?

We _____ to Athens and then we drove to Piraeus.


Tick icons8-checked-checkbox-30 A, B, or C to complete the sentences.

I usually _____ a sandwich for lunch.

The number after 11 is _____.

She answers the phone and talks to visitors. She’s a _____.

My brother always wears _____.

The number 100 is _____.

My uncle’s wife is my _____.

I _____ my homework every evening.

Does Jake _____ much exercise?

My friend is a _____. He works in a restaurant.

I can speak _____.

A    What’s the time?

B  Sorry, I don’t have a _____.

The opposite of full is _____.

A    Where’s Tommy?

B  He’s _____ his bike.

A    Would you like milk in your coffee?

B  No, just _____, please.

In Spain, it’s usually hot in _____.

The month after June is _____.

She _____ the radio and listened to the news.

The opposite of safe is _____.

We’ve got a very good shower in the _____.

I’m waiting _____ the bus. It’s late!

A    Mike, this is Alice.

B  _____ to meet you, Alice.

Can you _____ a photo of us, please?

Liam and Nancy came for lunch. We ate in the  _____.

You can buy medicine at a _____.

The day after Tuesday is _____.