Upper-Intermediate Entry Test

Дата: - August 14th 2022



Phone Number

Fields name, email, phone (*) must be filled to complete test


Tick  icons8-checked-checkbox-30  A, B, or C to complete the sentences.

What ________ nine o’clock last night? I tried to ring you, but there was no reply.

They ________ a new cinema in the centre of town last year.

Is Mark ________ to Greece this year?

A  ‘Where’s Jack?’

B  ‘He ________ to the library. He’ll be back soon.’

My brother ________ in Peru for three months. He’s really enjoying himself.

Please drive more ________. We’re near a school.

Students ________ talk during the exam. It’s against the rules.

I’d love to ________ speak better French – I’ve been studying the language for five years now.

I can’t go out ________ I finish my maths homework.

If I ________ you, I wouldn’t go on holiday until after my exams.

I ________ go out a lot at weekends, but now I stay at home.

There’s only a ________ milk left. Shall I buy some more?

Tom really believes that ________ women can’t drive very well!

I think ________ languages is very important.

James asked me if I ________ Liz that morning.

The exams are next month. You ________ a timetable next week.

He’s the boy ________ brother is in my class.

I would have gone to the party if I ________ you were there.

You’re from Italy, ________?

Can you tell me where ________?

They ________ the house if they’d known about the noisy neighbours.

Helen told me she ________ to Rome the following weekend.

They ________ have a lot of money. They go on very exotic holidays every year.

Do you ________ get to work early every morning?

Unfortunately Jack doesn’t get ________ his parents very well.


Tick icons8-checked-checkbox-30 A, B, or C to complete the sentences.

I don’t go running, but I ________ yoga twice a week.

I went out with Tessa last night and she paid ________ everything!

The coffee you made is too ________. How much sugar did you put in it?

Their football ________ makes them train every day for four hours.

Some of the students ________ in the exam, so everybody had to do it again.

Mark ________ because he stole some money from the office.

I’ve put on so much weight – my jeans are very tight.

I need to start making ________ meals.

The film is a ________ and it’s so funny, you won’t stop laughing.

We must stop at the petrol ________ on our way to the supermarket.

That horror film is ________! Don’t watch it late at night.

Sarah’s so ________! She loves going out and having fun.

If you walk down that ________, you’ll come to the river.

My brother’s going on a school ________ to France this year.

There are lots of ________ in the shop today. Everything is half-price.

When Jack won some money on the lottery, he ________ it in his business.

He’s quite tall and well-________, with short, brown hair.

John’s very ________. He always tells the truth.

My parents will be very angry with me if I don’t ________ my exams.

Don’t throw ________ your mobile phone! You can recycle it.

You won’t have to pay much ________ this year as you haven’t earned much money.

Sorry! I can’t speak now. Can I call you ________ later?

I wanted to buy some tickets for the play, but they’d sold ________.

I worked at the film company for four months and got lots of useful ________.

My parents have moved to a ________ just outside the city.

If you want to complain, you should speak to the ________.